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Greetings esteemed and knowledgeable Steampunks,

It is my pleasure to provide you with any and all information you require to help you with your panel. If, after this brief exposition, I have failed to elucidate any particular point, hesitate not to post a letter to me at I’ll work on keeping this list up to date with any questions that I feel have a general audience.



  • Free badges will be provided to panelists who provide three hours of content.
  • This includes the primary three panelists for any given panel.
  • It will help us get you a badge if you’re either the primary panelist or listed as a panel helper for a panel.
  • Make sure to check the appropriate box in the programming survey.
  • If you didn’t think you were going to do enough hours, but now you are, email
  • We can not issue refunds for pre-registered badges based on panels. Please don’t pre-register if you plan on doing enough panels to receive a free badge
  • If you want to do fewer panels than required but volunteer for the rest of your badge, please email programming@steampunkexhibition or volunteers@steampunkexhibition (or CC us both) and we’ll work out something
  • If your panels are accepted, even if they are later canceled, your badge will be considered pre-registered and be available at con



  • All rooms have a table and chairs for the panelist(s)
  • All rooms have chairs for the guests
  • The workshop room has large round tables for both the panelist(s) and guests
  • Some rooms have a projector
  • Some rooms have microphones
  • Some rooms have speakers
  • Be clear in your requirements if you need any special equipment
  • Panel rooms will NOT have internet access



  • To simplify the schedule for our guests, all panels will occupy full-hour time slots
  • Your time slot must include 10 minutes of spare time to be divided into 5 minutes of setup and 5 minutes of teardown
  • Even if you don’t need any setup/teardown time per-se, this gives time for your guests to arrive, be seated, file out and get to the next panel
  • If you have a long panel and want give your guests a break, go for it. This is your time.



  • We have an adult-only track specifically for 18+ content
  • If you wish to give a panel with such content, please include that information on your form
  • This track will be in a room distant from other panels. Look for it on the first floor near Con-ops/security
  • This track will be ID checked so all attendees must provide some form of government-issued ID



  • No heat sources
  • If you plan to use paint or other marking items, please bring appropriate drop cloths
  • If your workshop is likely to be messy, include that in the description as many guests will be wearing outfits that they don’t want ruined
  • Power is available but please bring extension cords, as hotel power drops may not reach where you need to plug in..
  • Please include an age range you believe to be appropriate (stuff for kids is always welcome!)


6 Responses to “Programming Information”

  1. Tamesta says:

    Is there an age limit for guests?

    • ariane says:

      Hi Tamesta,

      No – all ages are welcome! Children ages 0-7 are Free (but must be accompanied by an adult at all times), and we do have discounted Youth Tickets for ages 8-17 (see the TICKETS page).

  2. Are there any unique accomodations for visiting Authors. While we can certainly speak about writing, publishing, and our own experiences, we would like to sell our books. This could be done at the end of the panel, with the understanding that Authors must adhere to basic requirements you would ask of a vendor (sales license, etc.) Is this a possibility? Thanks.

    • Claws says:

      I’m so sorry that this never got an official reply! Yes, there is a fan table set aside for Authors at which they can sell or sign.

  3. Madam, Mister,

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    • ariane says:

      Many thanks for your inquiry. The Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition is not being held this year, so no acts are being booked at present.


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