Get Your Gear On!

Your Interplanetary Exploration Gear, that is…

The time has come to explore new, uncharted lands, to seek your fortune and adventure in the vast expanses of our known and unknown universe… to trip the light fandango on the dusty red surface of Mars, join a safari in the swamps of Venus, hunt leviathan on Jupiter and race your aerial chariot around the wild rings of Saturn… the possibilities are limitless, as Nova Albion presents:



The Grand Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition returns to the decadent Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in 2013 for three glorious days, April the 26th, 27th and 28th. Come rub elbows with preeminent scientists and planetary ambassadors, hob-nob with famous airship captains and explorers, and of course imbibe a proper cuppa with the crème-de-la-crème of Victorian society.


We shall present the Foremost Authorities to enlighten and enrich you, provide Grand Entertainments for your amusement and edification, and fill our market stalls with Fine Purveyors of exotic artifacts, rich clothing and jewels, the newest ingenious gadgets, sturdy exploration gear and more.


If you want to offer your time and/or expertise towards making 2013 happen in a Big, Grand Way, (or even in a small, quiet way), please join the Nova Albion Volunteers Group on FaceBook or send an email to

Come to the Grand Exhibition of 2013

The sky is the limit, dear friends, and the heavens await!


S.T.E.A.M. at Tech Shop SF June 18th!

From our friends at Tech Shop San Francisco…


Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls of all ages!

Join The League of S.T.E.A.M. for an evening of enlightenment and entertainment

with your favorite Steampunk supernatural sleuths and paranormal protectors

on June 18, 2011 as they present:

The Benefits of Zombie Domestication!

TechShop San Francisco is proud to host the League’s fantastic demonstration followed by a discussion with the League of S.T.E.A.M. themselves to learn how TechShop can help you design and construct your own Steampunk gadgetry!

7:00pm – Doors Open & Free TechShop Tours

8:00pm – The Benefits of Zombie Domestication

~ Brief Intermission ~

9:15pm – Moderated Q&A with The League

This is an event not to be missed! Whether you are already part of the Steampunk community, curious about the Steampunk aesthetic, or just interested in learning to create awesome props, this presentation is sure to have something for everybody.

Tickets on sale now!

Do you have a TechShop membership?

Stop by any TechShop location to purchase discounted tickets!

If you have any questions regarding the event – please feel free to contact us. or 415-263-9161


For more information about The League of S.T.E.A.M., please visit

For more information about TechShop, please visit


Unwoman’s New Release

A note from Unwoman (Erica Mulkey)…



The most important news is that I’m working on my first covers album, Uncovered Volume 1. You can help me raise money for it and reserve some awesome stuff for yourself here:


For just $5 you’ll get an advance download of the entire album. For $17, a CD. For $50, a brand new style 4GB USB drive with my entire discography + extras. There’s also the option to tell me which song to cover for $300, or which cover to cover for $400, or (just added!) to have dinner with me at my favorite San Francisco restaurant for $500.


I’ve already raised more than I initially asked for, but I’m really hoping we can push it to $5,000. If we do, I will be having a fabulous concert/release party in the Bay Area and streaming it on the internet at the end of the summer.


There are a couple songs on this demo covers album that will also appear on Uncovered (just added: new version of NIN’s “Hurt”):


The kickstarter funding period ends Thursday May 26, and for the last evening it’s active, Wednesday May 25 I’ll be doing a livestream on at 5:00 pm PDT:


Exhibition Panel Preview!

Just to give y’all a taste of the wonders in store for you in a matter of hours (panic setting in, must breathe) here’s one of the workshops I’m certainly not missing:

Saturday, 12:40-2:10: Building Goggles from Found Objects with David Nutty
Join master propmaker David Nutty for hands-on goggle making. Using found objects (which you may bring) or kits (which you may buy), you’ll go step-by-step through the entire design and construction process. Shop fee: $30 if you need a kit.

raw materials laid out

cutting out the eyepieces

Fundraising for Japan

In response to the overwhelming need

of the people of Sendai, Japan…


Nova Albion will be donating a percentage of profits from our ticket sales to assist with relief efforts – by purchasing an Exhibition ticket, you’re also helping people in great need.


Starting at Nova Albion and going on through Labor Day weekend, Ay-leen the Peacemaker will be selling cute little buttons designed by Button Me Up at all the steampunk events and conventions she will be attending, in an effort to support and raise money for the relief effort. The store will also be selling these buttons online.

You can read more details about the fundraising initiative here:




Variety Children’s Charity will also be on-site, in our Mezzanine Vendor Hall. They are collecting donations to assist Children in Need here in the Bay Area and also at their location in Japan, where they are already working with kids in the affected disaster area. More information is available at the Variety table and online at:


Our hearts go out to everyone whose lives have been affected by this disaster. We hope, in our small way, to contribute to the healing and rebuilding that is underway and that you will join us in these efforts as you are able.

The 2011 Exhibition Program

As we pull into the final stretch (it is next weekend, after all), we thought you’d like to see what we have in store for y’all and the best way to do this, we figured, was to show you the program (which, umm, explains this post’s title, I guess). Here it is in glorious pdf-o-vision.

2011 Nova Albion Program

Do note that this file is almost 3 mb, so if you’re on dial-up or, I don’t know, carrier pigeon, you might as well get comfortable. Perhaps a cup of tea would be nice. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

LPN on

Once more – with feeling!

Lee Presson, our Airship Home Companion’s fearless Master of Ceremonies, (and of course the bandleader for Lee Presson and the Nails), was interviewed recently by Jonny B. Goode for – and we’ve got the scoop right here!

MC - Lee Presson


“Modern swing artists have different ways of ‘punking’ the basic sound of swing and making it their very own, blending it with everything from jump blues to ska to rockabilly. And then there’s Lee Presson and the Nails. Dubbed “Goth Swing” by the San Francisco Chronicle, this swing band takes a left turn into the Twilight Zone with their “sinister” appearance and wacky stage antics. LPN has been together (with a brief hiatus) since 1994 and have 5 CDs to their credit, including their brand new downloadable album, Balls in Your Face, a compendium of ballroom music in true LPN style!” – Jonny B. Goode


That’s how it starts – you’ll have to check it out for yourself to see how it ends (and for everything in-between)!

Steampunk LEGOs!

Further your explorations!


The annual BRICKS BY THE BAY convention will be on-site at the Hyatt at the same time as Nova Albion!


photo by The Traveler's Steampunk Blog

Bricks by the Bay is a 3-day event hosted by the Bay Area Lego Users Group, and running from Friday March 25th through Sunday March 27th at the Hyatt, alongside the Steampunk Exhibition.


There are a number of talks, discussions, games, contests, and other activities throughout Friday and Saturday for attendees, as well as a large exhibit hall where they can display their LEGO models for one another and for the Public Day on Sunday. There is no age limit, but those under 18 are required to have an adult also registered, and those under 16 must be accompanied by that adult at all times.


Nova Albion has worked out a reciprocal pass deal with the LEGO event organizers -

for just $10 you can get a pass (ask at the Registration Desk) that will let you in to all the BBtB daytime programming, displays and vendor hall. It has been suggested that Steampunk Exhibition participants should check out the panels and exhibits on Friday and Saturday, as Sunday will be open to the general public and may be very crowded.


On The Aether!

We’ll be on the radio tonight at 5:00pm PST – listen in if you can!


NOVA ALBION on the wireless!


A whole bunch of us, including Brass Farthing, Miss Kalendar and Cherie Priest, will be on KKUP 91.5 on the Meeting of the Ways show this afternoon at 5:00. The station is based in Cupertino, but it’ll reach over most of the South Bay.
We’re still trying to find an online feed for the show. If one of y’all finds one, please… post a link in the comments.

Non-profit, listener-supported public radio. Entirely volunteer run, KKUP features original programming covering a wide range of music and public affairs.