No Exhibition in 2014

To the Loved Ones:

This message is too long in coming, but we wanted you all to know that there will not be a Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition for 2014. We are looking into a couple of other event ideas to launch in the Bay Area and we’ll be in touch with you all as those plans come closer to fruition. Our FaceBook page will be updated with any new information.

Thank you, all of you, the volunteers, the makers, the readers, the dancers, the musicians, the vendors and the attendees for your support over the years. You made it all worth it.

Mark and Ariane

1 January, 2014

We’re in Spaaaaace…!

Welcome to the 2013 Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition:

Steampunks in Space!

If you’re not here yet – you truly should be! Last night’s Victorian Ball was lovely, with great performances, brisk polkas, soothing waltzes, amazing costumes and of course… high tea! If you haven’t bought your pass yet, we have them here at the door: $65 for the weekend, $30 today (and night) only, $25 for Sunday and variations thereof.



The Vendor Halls are filled to overflowing with beautiful, wonderful steamy things; the Museum is soon to be open, the Speakers are warming up their voices and Miss Kalendar shall soon be brewing her first pot of tea… Oh yes, and there is a Swamp Hop and Hootenanny tonight that you truly will not want to miss! One pass gets you everywhere…


Come join us!

The thing about tickets…

We’re no longer able to accept purchases of tickets through this site as we’re giving our folks time to print out badges in time for the Exhibition. Worry not, however, as one day and three day tickets will be available during the Exhibition.

We thought about also offering seven day tickets, but as four of those days would essentially be hanging out in the hotel and walking around Santa Clara, we thought better of it. Not that there’s anything wrong with Santa Clara, mind you, and if you’d like to spend the rest of the week doing so, by all means be our guests.

Last Call for Discounted Hotel Rooms!

UPDATE: As of this morning, April 19th, there were about 20 rooms still available!!!


Go to: or call the hotel at 888-421-1442. 

Wanna pay less?? Be sure to mention you’re with the Exhibition, to get a discount!


The date for our block rate has passed, HOWEVER –

the Hyatt staff will try to accommodate rooming requests

and will discount the pricing on our guests’ rooms if they are able.




Museum Spotlight: Dorothy Whitman

The Museum of Curiosities welcomes artist

Dorothy Whitman


Dorothy started doing Steam Punk art after seeing the display at the Dickens Fair a few years ago, being fascinated with the themes and the visuals. She’s been painting since she was a kid but for the first time she has an ongoing central focus: Steampunk. Quote: “I have a learning disability which has taught me to do things differently.” Dorothy is also a Nova Albion Vendor so all her works can be viewed and purchased at her vendor’s booth.


Dorothy 4

Q: What medium do you work in and what materials do you use?

My absolute favorite material to work with right now is copper. I was really glad when the price dropped. Lots of my pieces have copper pipes, wires, nails and screen on them. I like the color and the fact that it’s been around for so long. If I can’t get the copper to do what I want I will mold polymers to look like pipe.  I run the copper pipes in such a way to lend an industrial feel to the work. I just love the clockwork-mechanical aspects of Steam Punk and wish I was a bit more on an engineer.Dorothy 2


For the full interview, please CLICK HERE!

Exhibitionists Wanted!

A Call for Exhibitionists! Er, Exhibitors, that is…

From our wonderful new Museum of Curiosities Curator, Professor Joseph Max:

To Prior Exhibitors of the Museum of Curiosities, and Those Newly Curious – Greetings!
Whether your Art is creating gorgeous gadgets, habiliments of the clothier’s craft or of the fantastic fine arts, scientifical ephemera or artifacts that defy all description (at least in polite company), the 2013 Museum of Curiosities is the premiere venue to exhibit the fruits of your labors for all to admire. Past exhibitors have reaped the perquisites of premiere public exposure, expanded business opportunities, and the resounding accolades of the public-at-large.
If you are interested in participating in this most exceedingly entertaining exigency of Steampunk arts and sciences, please contact me at this electrical mail address: While there are very few limitations upon the type of items one might display, space itself is rather in demand and the Exhibition is fast approaching – please initiate this contact with all speed! I love getting questions! Feel free to ask me anything.
By the by, due to the adamantine commitment of Nova Albion to aid and promote the Steampunk arts, there is no fee to exhibit at the museum! In point of fact, exhibitors receive one free pass to the convention! However, if you are selling your works, there is a choice of paying a flat fee (less than paid by a table vendor) or a percentage commission on your sales.
I have set up a Facebook Group page at:
Please join our Group if you are a FB user, and keep up with the latest news!
< Photo courtesy of the Steampunk Scholar >
A post script from the Management: if you are interested in speaking, holding demos or leading a workshop, please let our Program Director know as soon as possible at: – you can most assuredly both display and present, if you should feel so inclined!

Get Your Gear On!

Your Interplanetary Exploration Gear, that is…

The time has come to explore new, uncharted lands, to seek your fortune and adventure in the vast expanses of our known and unknown universe… to trip the light fandango on the dusty red surface of Mars, join a safari in the swamps of Venus, hunt leviathan on Jupiter and race your aerial chariot around the wild rings of Saturn… the possibilities are limitless, as Nova Albion presents:



The Grand Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition returns to the decadent Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in 2013 for three glorious days, April the 26th, 27th and 28th. Come rub elbows with preeminent scientists and planetary ambassadors, hob-nob with famous airship captains and explorers, and of course imbibe a proper cuppa with the crème-de-la-crème of Victorian society.


We shall present the Foremost Authorities to enlighten and enrich you, provide Grand Entertainments for your amusement and edification, and fill our market stalls with Fine Purveyors of exotic artifacts, rich clothing and jewels, the newest ingenious gadgets, sturdy exploration gear and more.


If you want to offer your time and/or expertise towards making 2013 happen in a Big, Grand Way, (or even in a small, quiet way), please join the Nova Albion Volunteers Group on FaceBook or send an email to

Come to the Grand Exhibition of 2013

The sky is the limit, dear friends, and the heavens await!


Unwoman’s New Release

A note from Unwoman (Erica Mulkey)…



The most important news is that I’m working on my first covers album, Uncovered Volume 1. You can help me raise money for it and reserve some awesome stuff for yourself here:


For just $5 you’ll get an advance download of the entire album. For $17, a CD. For $50, a brand new style 4GB USB drive with my entire discography + extras. There’s also the option to tell me which song to cover for $300, or which cover to cover for $400, or (just added!) to have dinner with me at my favorite San Francisco restaurant for $500.


I’ve already raised more than I initially asked for, but I’m really hoping we can push it to $5,000. If we do, I will be having a fabulous concert/release party in the Bay Area and streaming it on the internet at the end of the summer.


There are a couple songs on this demo covers album that will also appear on Uncovered (just added: new version of NIN’s “Hurt”):


The kickstarter funding period ends Thursday May 26, and for the last evening it’s active, Wednesday May 25 I’ll be doing a livestream on at 5:00 pm PDT: