Announcing our Author Guest of Honor!


We are exceedingly proud to announce that the Author Guest of Honor for the 2013 Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition will be none other than…



As someone who is part our far-flung tribe of brass and steam, I’m guessing that you’re more than a little familiar with Gail’s books and lovely presence on the aetheric winds of social media, but for the two or three of you who aren’t, here is a more thorough description:

New York Times Bestselling author Gail Carriger writes comedic steampunk mixed with urbane fantasy. Her debut novel, Soulless, won the ALA’s Alex Award. Her Parasol Protectorate books were all bestsellers. She was once a professional archeologist and is currently working on two new series and overly fond of tea.


Please join me in welcoming Gail as our Author Guest of Honor and…well, now seems like a perfectly wonderful time to remind you all that early-bird weekend passes are NOW available! Only $50 will grant you admission to all the fun and hijinks we have in store for you. 


And, speaking of things we have in store, stay tuned for more announcements of additional Guests of Honor, features and fun.


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