Unwoman’s New Release

A note from Unwoman (Erica Mulkey)…



The most important news is that I’m working on my first covers album, Uncovered Volume 1. You can help me raise money for it and reserve some awesome stuff for yourself here:



For just $5 you’ll get an advance download of the entire album. For $17, a CD. For $50, a brand new style 4GB USB drive with my entire discography + extras. There’s also the option to tell me which song to cover for $300, or which cover to cover for $400, or (just added!) to have dinner with me at my favorite San Francisco restaurant for $500.


I’ve already raised more than I initially asked for, but I’m really hoping we can push it to $5,000. If we do, I will be having a fabulous concert/release party in the Bay Area and streaming it on the internet at the end of the summer.


There are a couple songs on this demo covers album that will also appear on Uncovered (just added: new version of NIN’s “Hurt”):



The kickstarter funding period ends Thursday May 26, and for the last evening it’s active, Wednesday May 25 I’ll be doing a livestream on yowie.com at 5:00 pm PDT:



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