Cherie Priest at the Steampunk Exhibition!

Nova Albion is delighted to bring you a rising star in the Steampunk world – the wonderfully talented and quite well-spoken (and well-written) Ms. Cherie Priest –  our 2011 Literary Guest of Honor!
Photo by Libby Bulloff
You will of course know Cherie as the author(-ess ) of Boneshaker, [See what bOING bOING and i09 have to say], which has quite taken Sci-Fi lit by storm and brought many new and unsuspecting folk into the Steampunk fold. You also may have read more of her offerings… perhaps you’ve seen a mention of her forthcoming novel, Clementine (of which the esteemed Warren Ellis, in good company with many other authors, seems to be a fan) or wanted to puzzle out which book really is the “sequel to Boneshaker”. Well, puzzle no more, my friends. Cherie will be here in March, and (while it is a wait, I know, and we are none of us, perhaps, known for our patience), you shall be able to ask her yourself! In the meanwhile, I highly recommend perusing Cherie’s sites in the aether. That way, you can hear what she has to say about her writing, appearances, thoughts and life in general… and better than we can, because, well… she writes for a living…


Photo credit: Libby Bulloff

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